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iSolution can deliver on time and on budget, and we deliver systems that customers like using. Because iSolution gets to know our customers personally and because our success is demonstrated by the level of repeat business that we have.

Every website iSolution designs is laid out and looks completely different than any of other websites. Without actually designing your site we can't tell you exactly what it will look like, but we can determine what it will feature. We work with you to determine what you like and don't like in designs and use your feedback in our design concepts. Once your design is created, our website design company will work with you to determine if anything needs to be changed and will make as many changes as necessary to get your design perfect!

It depends on the size of your website/software. Smaller software/websites which don't require much programming typically take 30-45 days. Larger software/websites requiring a good amount of programming and database work can take anywhere from 90 days on up, depending on how large it is. Actual time to develop a website will vary from project to project and depends on client approval times.

It's hard to say. Every site is set up differently so the reason why your site is not seen in the search engines is going to be different than another site. If your site was not designed and built to show up high in searches it is usually hard to get a good amount of traffic to the website.

If you are interested in any of our services send us an email to info@isolutionsynergyideas.com to get started. We will discuss with you all your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design of your new system and keep working with you from there.

Yes, we can guide you very closely throughout your project. And iSolution will charge for it, depending on the size of the project.

Because girls are special. And we believe an educated girl can stand up to discrimination and abuse, and have creative & smart children who can go to school themselve.

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