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LIST OF OUR SERVICES: Website Design and Development, Software Development, Internet Providers, Consultancy, Training, Optimization and Network field services, Mobile Application, Game Development, Web Accounting Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, 3D Animation, ERP Solution, CRM Solution, Management Solution, Cristal Report Solution, Desktop Management Solution, Open-Source Language Development, and SAP Consulting.

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Develop software and websites

Free and open internet
Better education.

We support free and open internet for everyone.

Free and Open Internet

When girls succeed,
the whole world succeeds.

We support girls education because, we believe an educated girl can stand up for discrimination and abuse, and have creative & smart children who can go to schools themselves.

Let Girls Learn


To be the best and most trusted IT Company in Africa.


To provide a high tech and reliable IT services.


We provide free training on how to operate computer, use social media, and design website for free, with the hope of developing the next generation of problem solvers and innovators from the rural communities in the field of science and technology that may potentially improve millions of people's lives. We also encourage girls education.

Maimaje Bello Abdullahi

CEO Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the iSolution website. iSolution Synergy Ideas LTD is fully dedicated in providing our clients with the best value in superior quality and service as an expert in the field of Information Technology Services. At iSolution, we are proactive in investing in our future and have continued to upgrade existing facilities.

I am passionate about education and strongly believe that technology can help to ensure that youths actively participate in the government decision making process which could result in greater transparency, accountability, and better opportunities in the future. And the youths can participate to end corruption and promote open and responsive government, where government and citizen can work together to achieve better outcomes for all. At iSolution, we are giving free training twice a year to our fellow youths on how to operate computer, use social media and design website for free with the hope of developing the next generation of problem solvers and innovators from the rural communities in the field of science and technology that may potentially improve millions of people's lives. And we are encouraging girls to go to schools because, when girls succeed, the whole world succeeds.

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Thank you for your interest in working for the iSolution. A great place for great people to do great work. When hiring, we are not looking for the credentials or level of education but, the skills to get the result. To learn more about iSolution Synergy Ideas LTD careers. Visit our career page: Career

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Our objectives are not earning money only, we try to satisfy our clients in a more proper way, so we treat our clients very friendly. We are not providing better services to make money only, we are making money to provide better services. We believe in good interpersonal relationship with the clients, because if our clients are happy with our services then it will enhance our business and trust in the market.


The look of project depends on its designing; that is why we are very committed to provide better design. We have well trained and experienced designing team, which makes our projects very attractive and responsive. All our projects are 100% our work, we started everything from scratch, and we don't plagiarized. We deliver the highest class of customer service.


We have some unique features as compare to other places, such as if our client is unable to explain their requirements then we use brain starvation technique to understand their requirements, and provide better solution for them.

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